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Tracker Motor Reaches 1,600 Years of Cycle Testing

Golden, CO - March 21, 2012 - SunTrac has achieved over 1,600 years of life cycle testing on our tracker motor! The panel control motor and electronics have been temperature-cycling within the motor enclosure 9 times a day to 145 F and then back to room temperature for over 1,000 years of life cycle (the ST motor only runs 2 minutes a day on a live panel). Another panel on a home at 8,000 feet has three years in the extreme Colorado weather and 660 years of life cycle testing. The ST stepper motor has a 300:1 gear ratio so that it can make minute adjustments to the parabolas as instructed by the photo-sensor. The 5 watt/12 volt DC motor has been manufactured for 30+ years under the same SKU.

SunTrac Added to GreenLeaf Inn's Renewable Showcase

Golden, CO - February 16, 2012 - The Green Leaf Inn in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin will be installing SunTrac panels as a compliment to its extensive renewable energy portfolio. SunTracís tracking solar thermal concentrators are just one element in an array of green technologies, sustainable practices and wise-use approaches the Inn will be using. Renewable energy technologies will include wind, solar thermal and solar PV....

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Mobile Biodiesel Powered By SunTrac

Golden, CO August 24, 2011 - The CU Biodiesel project at University of Colorado Boulder has selected SunTrac solar thermal (SHW) panels to power its biodiesel reactor on wheels. In an effort to promote biodiesel as a safe and efficient alternative to conventional fuels, CU Biodiesel set out to construct a trailer that would allow them to travel across the US, producing their own fuel along the way...

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SunTrac Announces 10-foot Tracking Thermal Panel

Golden, CO August 11, 2011 - SunTrac Solar today announced a new 10-foot version of its tracking parabolic concentrator in a flat-plate enclosure. The addition of SunTrac’s second panel version (the original ‘TC-27’ panel is 8 feet in length) represents a big step forward for the Golden, Colorado start-up. SunTrac CEO and founder Bill Lowstuter is enthusiastic at the prospects for the new TC-40 model. “This panel will allow us to improve overall effectiveness in terms of cost per btu for industrial applications.” said Lowstuter...

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SunTrac Up & Running at Aurora Organic Dairy Test Site

Boulder, CO July 18, 2011 - Aurora Organic Dairy (AOD) is now on-line with 10 SunTrac solar hot water panels...

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Thermaflo Selects SunTrac Solar for Commercial Hydronics

Thermaflo Engineering has selected SunTrac solar hot water collectors to address market demand for renewable...

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SunTrac Commercial Installations On-line for First Quarter

SunTrac Solar is proud to announce our first commercial installations coming on-line during the first quarter of 2011...

Low Installed Cost per BTU

By combining the reliability and simplicity of flat plate collectors with the proven high performance of parabolic troughs, SunTrac delivers high efficiency solar thermal panels. The panel is designed to be an alternative to evacuated tube collectors for commercial and industrial customers who require hot water between 140°F and 250°F. At these temperatures, we deliver among the lowest installed cost per BTU of any panel in the industry.

SunTrac Receives OG-100 Certification

The Solar Rating & Certification Corporation (SRCC) announced the certification of a new ground-breaking player...

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